Career - Om Infra
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We pride ourselves with working with India’s reputed corporate houses. Om Infra has high repeat client ratio which demonstrate our capabilities of business in diversified geography and sectors. Our work culture emphasises on giving sizeable freedom to choose and encourage becoming a leader in their domain. We create environment where people do their best and finds path to realise their full potential.

Leadership | Management | Diverse Culture | Endless Opportunity


We strive to be Leaders in implementation of process driven work. Through various assignment and scope, our work culture emphasis on leadership skill. We encourage team members to take lead by proactive participation. We inspire to lead by example, a constant motivation to achieve more by pushing your limits.



We have been putting great importance on management which we believe a crux of not only business but anything we do for living.


Diverse Culture

We follow motto of Equal Opportunity. We take pride in having workforce from different background and cultures. At Om Infra employee has opportunity to work with people from all walk of life, following different cultures that work seamlessly to achieve common goal.


Endless Opportunity

We enable team member to climb their career ladder by empowering them with right opportunity to demonstrate skills. Every effort is rewarded



We hire people who are passionate about what they do whether you are a college student or loaded with experience. It takes variety of skills and approach to project which are time bound and result oriented by all means. If you have can do attitude combined with Industry skill, there is always a place for you in our team.



There’revirtually no boundaries on what you will be working here.

Our Projects are in different geographic areas gives you an opportunity to face new challenges all the time, helping you to grow within. You’re bound to push limits of project management skills of managing project not at superficial or secluded level but managing right from design, details, scope, manpower and material.



We are hungry for growth, our thirst never quenches. We believe growth is life and we love life, we love growth. We are no scientist that we work alone and get credited. We are organization; we work together, succeed together and ultimately, grow together.




  • HR – Senior Executive (Exp : 2 to 5 Yrs. )
  • Site Supervisor ( Executive – Project) (Exp : 1 to 3 Yrs.)
  • Site Supervisor (Sr. Executive – Project) (Exp : 3 to 5 Yrs.)
  • Project coordinator (Assistant Manager – Project) ( Exp : 4 to 8 Yrs.)
  • Project Head (Deputy Manager – Project)  (Exp : 5 to 15 Yrs.)
  • BOQ and Estimation (Sr. Executive – Project) (Exp : 3 to 7 Yrs.)
  • QA & QC (Sr. Executive – Project) (Exp : 3 to 10 Yrs.)
  • Tender & Contract Administrator (Expe : 3 to 10 Yrs.)
  • CAD Draftsman (Sr. Executive – Project) (Exp : 2 to 10 Yrs.)
  • Finance Analyst (Assistant Manager – Account) (Exp : 5 to 10 Yrs.)
  • Business Development (Manager – Marketing) (Exp : 3 to 10 Yrs.)