Future Ready Project Infrastructure ?!! Predicting Future - Om Infra
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Future Ready Project Infrastructure ?!! Predicting Future

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Future Ready Project Infrastructure ?!! Predicting Future

We have been reading lot about word “Future Ready” in many aspects like Technology, Design etc. What actually it means to built environment, for a Construction and Infrastructure Project. What is actually Future ready construction project. Like technology or any other domain, to make it future ready it needs good amount of money, good amount of Insight and good amount DATA of research. We have to look at Construction Project from number of different angle before we can make it future ready and there when a word Prediction comes into picture. We have to predict (1) Number of User in Future (2) Changing Demography (3) Changing Culture (4) Changing Climate. There are many factors which also affects predicting future for built environment but are not in our hand to alter or control like Change in Political Power which has opposite ideology than previous when structure was erected. There are many how, who, what are there, which all with proper allocation of resources can be easily answered. Team of different stake holder, policy maker, planner/designer, construction project personal and the fourth wheel of technology channelised in right direction covers up the magnum and brings on table an option of holistic development for future generation.

Future is not which is going to come, it is what we create by choice we make.

It is open fact that Infrastructure Development is key to Economic Development. This aspect at any stage cannot be overlooked. Even in most developed countries there is constant upgradation which is to balance out development rate. Some sectors sees unprecedented growth which baffles many designer and policy maker to rethink their model of prediction. A four lane state highway development in span of less than a decade become congested and resulting in increase in travel time and increase in road accidents. Such examples are everywhere in all domain which fails to predict rate of growth. While contrary examples are also we  encounter in city model of Gandhinagar-Gujarat based on Chandigarh-Punjab/Haryana, which undeniable seems deserted. Predictable utility bench mark has also not touched even after decade of usage. There are many counter examples which makes us rethink and revisit out DATA on which we do our analysis, our formula of analysis and our prediction based on outcome of analysis. As it is popular said method in madness similarly there is always a pattern in growth and in decay, key to predict is to decipher pattern which is loud and clear, but sometime it is so subtle that it needs holistic approach including study of History, Culture and Dynamics of Human Emotions.

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