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Why Om Infra has Advantage

Why Om Infra has Advantage

Having construction project manager and its utility is undeniable fact. Key componants which one must consider while appointing any CPM to check whether the company is lead by people who see CPM consultancy as one of the business, whether they are equally technically well versed, whether they have taken enough sound business decision which will be evident from their growth. One need to even analyse whether they are looking for personalise service or service of a global conglomerate. With all such clarity it is possible to zero down on choice. Om Infra is a local company working pan INDIA with global outlook. We provide that personalise touch with our diverse team coming from different states. We are headed by academically qualified architect as well as with deep architectural consultancy experience of large scale project in initial years from year 2001 to 2007. This exposure has given us leavrage to think from architect’s point of view about built envoirnment as well as his aspiration from outcome¬† of project. In those years having work closely with various builder we have deep insight about the mindset of Investors and their expectations from end result.

Five, back to back project from Charitable Trust, is evidence in itself.

We have created a niche and has advantage of technical and management knowledge of owner as well as his deep insight which is accumulated by working with various different stake holders. We have since 2011 have done upward march in our order book and credible 90% repeat business from our client. We have in house Engineers, MEP consultant, Legal Advisors, Contract Specialist, and Finance Analyst to make sure every aspect of project is well covered. We not only bring our deep routed technical knowledge, professional management style, outcome of market research for various agencies and material but also give personalise attention to all project we take up.

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