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Why you need CPM (Construction Project Manager)

Why you need CPM (Construction Project Manager)

In today’s time where everything is so dynamic and rate of change is far earlier than envisaged, there is a paramount need to have manager who tables experience, knowledge and wisdom to take decisions which are in interest of project. It will be superficial to believe that what has been thought at day one has remain so while possession. Change is inevitable so as necessity of its accommodation. It cannot be said as good management plan if it cannot absorbs such changes without deviating from schedule time line. There are number of other factors which influences successful outcome of project. Whether it is client, contractor or Investors, a single point contact which addresses, assimilate information, distribute to correct stake holder and get the work done, such pivot to a project ensure successful completion. Evaluation of alternative program, feasibility of design in terms of flexibility and adaptability, developing time line and cost implication of various stages, short listing correct contractor of work not only based on their price proposal but also factoring in their capabilities, their aptitude towards project, availability, their adaptibility towards client’s priorities, willingness and capacity to increase their default capabilities, are such factor which can be evaluated with assistance of experienced and knowledgeable project manager.

Certain things are better left to Experts, If you think they are costly, allow Amateur to perform surgery

In addition to basic which we have gone through above there are other factors which needs a careful and keen eye for detail which otherwise may lend into litigation. While signing a contract with different stake holders, getting certain clearance from local body, environment or from other related organisation become necessity before even a first line is drawn. If such aspects are overlooked it not only contributes to financial loses but also results in serious litigation. A small clause which is not properly drafted with contractor of work may result in delay in time without compensation or financial losses which client will not have reimbursement. For such technicalities there is always a need of domain expert. Project Managers are exposed to such risk at day in day out time and they are well verse with risk mitigation and in first place shall exercise enough caution that such scenario never arises in first place.

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